Humvee Demolition Parking Game

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Humvee Demolition Parking Description

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Humvee Demolition Parking - Car Parking Games - Car Games

This Humvees can destroy anything so try your chances in parking one of them. Use your arrow keys to drive, find your parking spot following the arrow and destroy everything that stands in your way. As you might have guessed, you will not have a health bar in this game because your Humvee cannot be damaged. Is that cool or what? But you do have a time limited, so try to complete each level before the time runs out. You can see your timer in the upper part of the screen. Although hitting stuff and making them blow up will not damage you, they could slow you down a bit, so be careful. You will not be able to pass the yellow cones, so you will have to find a way through the maze of the street to get to the parking space. Have a great time playing this game!
Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and reverse and space to break, and destroy everything in your way.

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