Heavy Crane Parking Game

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Heavy Crane Parking Description

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This crane is a bit more special than the ones you are used to, because it can lift some very heavy things. So you can use it to construct some incredible things.
In each level you will be able to build something different. You can put the wagons of a train in order, construct a spaceship, build a house, a stadium, a ship, a bridge, a roller coaster and even a monster crane.
Just look around the map, find the pieces, pick them up with your crane and carefully drive to the location indicated by the small arrow, then place them until you complete your construction.
Make sure you do not crash your crane along the way, because you might damage it. In order to win the level you have to complete your mission before the time runs out.
Use your arrow keys to drive your vehicle and your space bar to brake, move your crane using your QE keys, use your T key to pick up objects and your Y key to drop them.

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