Classic Car Race Game

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Classic Car Race Description

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Ready, set, go and put the pedal to the medal in this fast-paced race car game. Become the fastest racer, competing against other cars in this dynamic racing game with lots of twists and turns. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you must carefully navigate your car in three modes of play--Career, Single race, and the Time trial. It's very easy to veer off the course in this game, so be careful! You can also get turned around, ending up going in the wrong direction. Career mode is simple--you must race around the track three times, trying to beat the lap time of the other cars. The Single Race is one time around the track to beat the other cars. Time Trial is a timed race. Good luck, and may the best racer win!
Use the Arrow Keys to move around the racetrack. Use the ESC key to pause the game. Use Enter to select the menu.

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